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Teacher: Song Gege (宋格格)

Date: Mar.26th


Unit 3 At the zoo


B start to read



Teaching objectives




1.Linguistic knowledge:

1) Enable the pupils to understand and say these words: small, big, tall, short. fat, thin, long, tail

2) Enable the pupils to grasp the meaning of "It’s (so) tall/short/…", “It has…”and use these sentences in real situations.

2.Ability objective:

1) Enable the pupils to use the sentences in real situations: “It’s (so)…/It has…” to describe animals with the help of pictures or objects.

2) The pupils are able to imitate and speak actively.

3.Affective factors

1) The pupils are able to study in groups and communicate with others.

2) The pupils can form an attitude of participation by the chant activity.

3) The pupils will be able to develop a deep love for animals.

Teaching emphases

The pupils can read, understand and say the key words and sentences.

Anticipated difficulties

Make sure the pupils can use the key words and sentences in true situations.

Teaching aids

PowerPoint, blackboard and flash cards.





Ⅰ.Pre-task preparation




















2.Warming up








T: Good afternoon, class! How are you?

S: Good afternoon, Mandy! Very well, thanks.

T: First, let’s review a song. Boys and girls, move your body!

T and S sing and move with the song “Be fat .Be fat. Be fat, fat, fat! Be thin. Be thin. Be thin, thin, thin! Be tall. Be tall. Be tall, tall, tall! Be short. Be short. Be short, short, short”


 Warm up and activate students’ interest in English through TPR and the chant.






























2.Guess a riddle










3.Read and match












T: At the zoo, we can see aninals. Do you like animals? Now go with me to meet animals!

(T plays a self-made video of animals and inducts students to say their names )


T presents 5 hints of an animal:

It’s white.

It’s small and fat.

It has a short tail.

It has long ears.

It has red eyes.

Ss guess the name of the animal: rabbit.


1. Ss do the exercises on P29, and then check the answers.


2. Read aloud the four sentences and try to read it better with the audio clips. (T inspires the Ss to observe and say more of a rat and a panda.)



Activate the words of animals as well as develop Ss interest.







Brainstorm and present the key sentences.









Exercises will help consolidate key knowledge.



Read and imitate intonation and pronounciation.




































IIII. Extension

My riddle


















Finding lost animals in Zootopia

1. T presents 7 descriptions of an ostrich as an example, and the Ss read and guess.

2. Four Ss work in a group, T passes out one piece of paper to each student, Ss write their own riddles and share with desk mates

After 5 mins, each group selects one student to present his/her riddle, and the other students guess.




T:Boys and girls, have you seen the movie Zootopia? Do you like it? Ss: Yes! T: But this morning, the mayor Lion finds out that 3 animals are missing, but we don’t know their names. Everyone in the zootopia is worried, so the mayor Lion asks Judy (rabbit) to find out the missing animals.

(Mayor Lion tells Judy that each animal has left  a clue)

T: Judy is alone, can you help Judy?

Ss: Yes!

T: OK. Let’s go with Judy!

T: This is the rainforest district,have you seen any clue?Read it aloud.

Ss: It’s thin. It’s red. It has a small nose .It has a big tail.

T: What is it?

Ss: It’s a fox.

T: Here we are at the Sahara square. Let’s read the descriptions and choose one animal from the three.

Ss: It’s tall and strong. It has a big head. It’s brown.

T: What is it?

Ss: The lion!

T: This is the Tundratown,have you seen any clue?No?Oh,now it’s our turn to describe the ox.

Ss describe the ox using It’s …/ It has…





Students can organize their thoughts into language through interaction and observation, so that they will gradually master the way to describe animals. Riddles will help cultivate students’ imagination and language competence.










Highlight by the hit movie Zootopia, and create a scene of finding the missing animals. Students will be on an exploration while learning the key sentences: “It’s (so) tall/short/…", “It has…”







Guess riddles of animals with your friends, and try to use key expressions.







  Unit 3 At the zoo


                  It’s_____and______ .

                It has _______and________ .